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Creative Direction / Creative Consulting / Art Direction / Visual Concepts / Imagery / UX-UI Design / Brand Identity / Brand Design / Editorial Design / Project Lead & Management / Talent recruiting for tailor-made teams
Clients & Projects
Siemens, München / Ernst Fuchs Bar, Graz / Select World, Hamburg / Bureau Mario Lombardo, Berlin / Gestalten Verlag, Berlin / K-MB, Berlin / Textkreation, Berlin / Capillé, Switzerland / loved, Hamburg /  Steffl Department Store, Vienna / Eva Interior, Graz / Familie Redlich, Berlin / Upgrade Advertising, Hamburg / webguerillas, Berlin / ressourcenmangel, Berlin / Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg / Deutsche Welle, Berlin / Meta Design, Berlin / Zalando, Berlin / Research Studios, Berlin / draftfcb, Wien / Traktor, Wien / Seso, Wien / Distinc, Los Angeles

Sandra Schwaiger is a creative director and consultant for brands. For over 15 years in the creative industry, she has worked with or for a variety of clients and institutions, mainly in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna.

Her work reaches from designing brands from scratch or creating brand expressions, like editorial designs, image concepts or campaigns. Over the last years, with a majority in digital projects, she was able to add the UX/UI role to her major skills.

Through her broad experience, her strength much lies on identifying where a vision comes from and where it aims to. Always eager on finding the perfect solution, she understands where to enter the journey with her clients, confidently taking on the management role.

She prefers to view herself as a boutique installation that puts together a tailor-made task force of talents from her network, such as strategic planners, photographers, designers, editors, web developers – to make a mission work and a vision a reality.

With the focus on the product and it's context, her approach to a mission is guided by an inner drive to create something refreshing that takes very much into account the importance of striking the perfect balance between the contemporary and the timeless.

Officially based in Vienna/Austria, her constant hunger for the world, it’s treasures and beauty to discover, act as her major source of inspiration. Therefore she relocates temporarily from time to time and is easily available for international requests.

Her journeys have also led her to finally open another chapter in her creative expression by creating imagery as a photographer. 


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